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The 6th Tallinn Polytechnic School Film Festival is looking forward to your short film! Show your work to a wider audience and get recognized by professionals!

The 6th Tallinn Polytechnic Film Festival is a short film competition open to students of vocational and general education schools, higher education institutions and universities in Estonia. In 2021/2022 we will open our festival boarders for the first time to students from abroad!

NB! The participant’s team must have at least two members. 

We are looking for projects in five main categories: music video, documentary, sketch, animation, feature film. Also we are looking for projects in two sub-categories:  student film and international youth short film.

NB! Students studying at higher education institutions or universities must register their project in the student film category and students from  foreign educational institutions must register their project in the international youth short film category. 

The maximum duration of projects in the documentary, feature, student and international short film categories is 15 minutes, the maximum in the animation category is 10 minutes, and the maximum in the music video and sketch category is 5 minutes. 

SCHEDULE 2022 (Estonian time)

02.12.2021 kell 18:00 – TPTFF’22 opening ceremony + registration of short films begins

12.02.2022 kell 23:59 – registration of TPTFF’22 short films ends

05.03.2022 kell 23:59The deadline for submission of projects

06.04.2022 kell 20:00 – TPTFF’22 gala Studio 3 TV studio

Register your short film for the Tallinn Polytechnic School Film Festival HERE!


  1. Must be added upon registration: the title of the project, the synopsis of the project, the details of the team (producer, director, screenwriter, cameraman). Must be added for each team member: contact telephone and e-mail address. This is necessary so that the organizing team can contact the participant’s team if necessary.
    1. The project registrant is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided;
    2. If the above-mentioned data has not been added to the registration and the organizing team is not able to contact the team then the event organizers have the right to remove the project from the festival.
  2. The completed project must be submitted as an .mp4 file (at least 720p) by using the transmission via WeTransfer. There are two ways to do this: adding to the e-mail address or by sending a drive link to the aforementioned e-mail address. 
  3. When submitting your short film (project), you must also send a high-quality photo of the film and a 20-second film introductory section without added captions (preferably in 1920×1080 format). 
  4. Registration of projects for the Tallinn Polytechnic Film Festival in 2022 will start on December 2, 2021 at 2 AM and end on February 12, 2022 at 11:59 PM. The deadline for submission of projects is March 5 at 11:59 PM (Estonian time). 
  5. Short films submitted to the international short film category must have English subtitles
  6. The submitted project must not be plagiarism.
  7. The project may have participated in another film festival.
  8. The projects submitted to the Tallinn Polytechnic Film Festival will be evaluated by the judges of the film festival, who are people outside our school system. These people are well-known figures in the field of Estonian culture and film.
  9. The judges of the film festival will decide the winner of each category. 
  10. Only the winners of the main categories will apply for the SMS referendum. The winners of the subcategories will not take part in the referendum. The points of the judges will no longer be taken into account in the referendum.

TPTFF'22 opening ceremony

TPTFF'20 closing ceremony live-gala