Last Weekend


Õppeasutus: Ida-Virumaa Kutsehariduskeskus

Meeskond: Andrei Bratchenko – produtsent, režissöör, stsenarist, operaator, autojuht ja muusik.

Stsenaarium: Film dedicated to problems of psychological understanding living in the world when you can return to the your home (native place) and also when you have pressure from all side concerned on the question of war. In the first (first from three parts) part we see beautiful nature, calm and peace on Narva-Jõesuu shore, bank of Suomi Gulf). Author is translating his own emotions about war (about suffering from this point), about how beautiful world and nature in moment then war was started. In the second part we moved to St.Petersburg (Russia) where the author lived about 28 years and spend a lot of time in Church and on streets of old town. It’s like saying farewell to city, because now it’s really dangerous. We seen how it’s calm and on the other side how it’s cold (in an emotional sense). In the third part we moved to night Narva streets. It’s lonely and on the other side much more safe. It’s like a lonely town where nobody care about you. In the end we find part of asking from author voice “can you back home again?” and in this side it’s like really difficult two part question because St.Petersburg is a home, but now it’s broken, and also Narva (Estonia in all) also home where you trying grounded yourself, but now it’s difficult. Also you can understand this question as general question – can you see your family, friends, home tomorrow, will you stay alive? In general – it’s another side for understand the problem of peoples, who are citizens of Ukraine and Russia and they have no chances to see their native place again.


7. Mar 2022